Twin Peaks, Glorious and Bizarre -

David Lynch tribute book

Client: Monsa Publications

Monsa publications contacted me to illustrate their upcoming book paying tribute to the mythical Twin Peaks series of the 1990s created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. Being myself a unconditional fan of the show, I was thrilled to be featured in this amazing publication. I was also asked to provide a text reflecting on the influences of my work, and how David Lynch’s universe can be so inspiring and wonderful still, and for so many artists in the world.

Here is the text I wrote for the book: 

“Twin Peaks has always been a great source of inspiration for my work, whether it be through its visual references or its mesmerising soundtrack, and the Black Lodge, where dreamers meet, is a particularly fascinating element of the series.

The dream world of Twin Peaks is where some of the most important clues, ideas and exchanges take place. This is a surreal place where Laura Palmer and Agent Cooper meet, and much of the mystery revolves around interactions they have in it.

In the Black Lodge dream sequence, Agent Cooper embraces an intuitive manner of deduction rather than an empirical one, and this is a major shift in the series. This dreamlike approach is what I try to bring to my creative process too, I like when the figurative meets the surreal. One subtle element of dream, no matter how small it can be, will give a whole new meaning to the piece.’’

You can purchase the book here, and Audrey Horne prints in my Etsy shop here.