Sound of the City - Beer label

Client: Collective Arts Brewing, Hamilton CA

Coinciding with their launch across the East Coast, Boston and Vancouver, Series 7 was Collective Arts Brewing’s first themed call for art: Urban Pop, the sights and sounds of street culture. Nine judges from Canada, the United States and Europe combed through over 2000 submissions to help curate 65 new beer labels. This series features artists from over 15 countries including Canada, the United States, Spain, Iran Guatemala, and the UK.

For this really fun project I tried to represent a urban environment that is alive in some way; breathing through its windows, alley ways, and its colourful street art. Each façade has its own singular character, and together all those buildings create a consistent rhythm pattern.

The architecture here is conceived as a medium to express diversity and the overall colourful atmosphere that can be found in many Canadian cities, and I mixed up a lot of different landmarks from Toronto to Vancouver, as well as Montreal and Calgary.

This design was drawn on iPad Pro with Procreate.

Prints of this design are also available in my Etsy shop.