'Comme chez moi' cookbook

Since 2011, Yasmine Washash has delighted visitors at Marseilles' Minoofi bakery with a range of pastries, cakes and delicacies. For this new project, she came up with the idea of a cookbook full of delicious recipes for entertaining guests, from brunch to cocktail hour.

Client: Minoofi bakery, Marseilles

Preparing and working with the creative team I produced an illustration of Marseilles' view of the old harbour, and another one of the bakery shopfront.

To capture a sense of homemade and a local feel to the designs, I used traditional pencil drawing technics as well as digital media. 

If you ever find yourself in Marseilles, do pop down to Minoofi, 104 Rue Paradis. The bakery is beyond lovely, and their cheesecake is to die for!

You can order the cookbook through www.minoofi.fr/cookbook/