‘Good night stories for rebel girls’ childrens’ book

To the rebel girls of the world: Dream bigger, Aim higher, Fight harder.
And, when in doubt, remember:
You are right.

100 Stories of inspirationally extraordinary women.

I am proud and happy to have been part of this beautiful project, for which I drew Hillary Clinton and Astrid Lindgren's portraits.

Client: Timbuktu Labs, California

I was contacted by the book creators as they had come across my portrait of Hillary Clinton on Behance, which was inspired by her official campaign picture. It was quite a rough sketch and needed some refining, but they liked the fiery pose and the use of a unique colour for the whole illustration, a very striking blue.

After Hillary was completed I was asked to work on a portrait of Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, of which I only knew her famous character Pippi Longstocking.
This portrait depicts the author in her late years, and I really wanted to capture that feeling of a woman both strong and powerful, almost like a grandmother figure, reassuring, from who you learn, and who has an inspirational aura. I thought that the colour orange would give the portrait this feeling of energy and empowerment.

The book features the real-life stories of inspiring women from Elizabeth I to Malala – leaders, politicians, musicians, scientists, dancers, lawyers and more.

You can still order it through www.rebelgirls.co

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