Hello there!

I am an illustrator, designer and storyboard artist based in London.
My work focuses on digital illustration, graphic design and a bit of dabbling in motion media.
Themes of femininity, beauty and nature often dominate my work, making it a good fit for clients in the fashion, jewelry and cosmetic sectors.
I specialise in design and illustration, but I have a long and ambitious wish list of styles and genres to master.
When I'm not drawing, you can find me snapping film photos, cycling around North London or simply scrolling dog memes.

Some of my major clients so far include Chanel, Apple, Aston Martin, Mc Donald's, O2, the National Trust, the NHS, Redbull, Nivea and Pandora.
I am available for freelance illustration and design projects.
Feel free to get in touch at justinelecouffe@gmail.com


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